About The Event

The event that brings together suppliers, clients, government agencies, and the full spectrum of leading-edge oil & gas seismic technologies and how to face the challenges in the future.


The Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa
Las Vegas, NV


Monday to Wednesday
April 23 to 25, 2019

Emerging trends in the industry

This specialized gathering of the most important companies in the industry and the markets, to share leading-edge technologies, knowledge, industry intelligence and experiences.
This summit is intended for operating companies of E&P, NOC’s, IOC’s, supplementary service companies, for all corporate clients around the globe, and oil and gas geologists, geophysicists, as well as exploration managers, commercial managers, acquisitions and contracts personnel, quality control and others.

The future of the seismic data acquisition technology within the emerging complexity of exploration challenges for the global oil & gas industry.

Top of the oil & gas seismic industry executives here

Experience on the field Drawing many of the world’s elite hydrocarbons and energy technology leaders together to share knowledge and experiences do business. The Seismic Summit, is part of the events organized by the International Gas & Energy Forum (IGEF) an independent and non-political organization operating since 2008 which gathers experts on the field, on investigation, in the public and private sector, for the analysis, interaction and generation of proposals for the continuous improvement of the energy policies, better practices for the continuous development of businesses in the oil and energy industry. Our events gather important scientific; technological and technical investigation papers, from companies and experts in exploration, production, transportation refining and other processes in the oil and gas industry, such as generation of energy, transmission and distribution of electricity. Special attention has been placed in the knowledge of new and emerging technologies and environmentally friendly processes, AI, robotics, connectivity and innovation; as well as regulatory and legal frameworks, energy policies, stemming from the most recognized global companies and representatives of international organizations, governmental agencies as well as private public and governmental and academic research centers.

The IGEF produces information and investigation, gathers proposals and experiences through conferences, technical meetings, summits, expos and workshops on oil & gas, energy industries.

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The Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa

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